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Hypnotizing photo

Hypnotizing photo

Stare at the photo for at least 2 minutes. It will look as if moving. But, if you feel dizzy, stop and turn your head and keep it there until the dizziness is gone. It can hypnotize you if you stare at it too long, really. It happened to me. I’ll post once more later.


Please comment

Well, people, I’ve had some 50-something visitors to this blog. Yet, only 5 comments? That also in only 1 post! So, do please, comment if you see my posts. Please! It’s a request!


Howdy. I have recently made this new blog. Just think me as a friend and comment whatever u want. I will post weekly, so look out for my posts! See ya. Good Day!

Hello world!

Welcome to Friends Blogz! Rest of this information is in the next post. Bye and G’day!